Our story.
Our mission.

Boosting sustainability, quality and efficiency!


Being sailors and lovers of the sea we are 100% aware of our impact in the environment in which we practice our sport. It is our aim to offer solutions helping on water organisations to become greener, faster and better. 

We are convinced that technical innovation is essential to shape the sustainability agenda. 

To set race courses on the water is highly resource-intensive and inefficient. Just think about the amount of fuel powered mark layer boats and volunteers that are needed to set up a race course. Combustion engines are polluting our air and their noise harms underwater life, while anchors and chains injures the seabed. 

Smartmarks are able to move independently to it’s pre-determined position. At the touch of a button perfect race courses are a set and adjusted within seconds by just one person in charge. No anchor gear is needed as the marks keeps their position super precise by unique and state-of-the-art sensor and GPS technology.



A new technology requires trust

More than 5 years of development was required to transform this idea into a fully operational series product.

To realize the vision of the Smartmark three main requirements had to be fulfilled:

1. Precise and reliable in all weather and wind conditions

2. Highest battery performance

3. Easy handling

Our customers can and have to be sure that they receive a high quality product with the highest measures of professionalism, seriousness and best service of our team.


Motivate the next generation

Smartmark is the game changer and race committee work is shaken up. Control the marks from the starting vessel or from any other place. 

This motivates young and enthusiastic people to become part of the race committee and ensures the PROs of the future!