Technical specs

The heart
of the smartmark

Following Sensors are installed


4× Gyroscope
4× Compass
4× Barometer
3× Thermal sensors

All sensors are climate-encapsulated and heated
(except thermal sensors).


GPS antenna • 72 channels

GPS / QZS L1 C / A • Glonass L10F • BeiDou B11 • Galileo
E18C • SBAS L + C / A:



All components protected against collisions and weather influences inside the sturdy hull.


Modern lithium-ion battery technology.

Separate power (power box) and electronic current (black box).

Unique sensor concept. Each relevant sensor has 3 or even 4 compartments.
This guarantees highest reliability in deviations of the GPS signal.

Unique thermally encapsulated and temperature-controlled sensors
(3 of the relevant sensors each) guarantee unbeatable precision.

No external sensors, all sensors are protected under the deck.

Combines advantages and stability of the GRP hull and deck with the protection and
the additional stability of the boat construction. Analogous to the RIB boats.

Fully gliding hull in towing.

Storage and transport dimensions are euro pallet dimensions.

With a multifunctional frame they can also be stacked for efficient logistics and
pace-saving storage.

Modular spare parts concept. Simple replacement of the corresponding components.
Cost-efficient and rational maintenance.

Easy handling!

Just one on / off button – no further handling on the buoy.

Visually like a classic buoy.