Efficient. Superior. Eco-friendly.

Redefining mark laying.

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where the magic of water sports comes to life​

Our self-positioning buoys turn the process of setting race marks on the water into a playful experience.
With just a single push of a button, the course is precisely aligned. 

Say goodbye to time-consuming anchoring – the future of water sports is here.

A new era of eco-friendly water sports!

Mark laying on the water has always been a labor-intensive task.

Traditionally, motorboats are used to position each buoy individually, securing them painstakingly by hand with ropes, weights, and anchors on the seabed. This outdated process is not only time-consuming and physically demanding but also has significant environmental consequences.

Conventional motorboats not only emit harmful emissions but also disrupt the natural environment and underwater life with their noise and vibrations. Anchors leave traces of destruction in the underwater world that often take years to recover.

Smartmark robotic sail marks offer a modern solution that eliminates all these problems. Our self-positioning race buoys enable effortless course marking on the water without the need for motorboats or anchors. This not only saves you budget, time and effort but also preserves the environment.

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