The Smartmark

The Smartmark is essentially a combination of a remote-controlled boat and a drone – just afloat. Operated and controlled through a web application. This advanced system allows individual Smartmarks to be directed and precise course geometries to be created, ensuring the perfect alignment of each Smartmark.

Key Features:

  1. Sturdy Construction: The Smartmark features a stable fiberglass hull, providing high stability, excellent towing speed, and protection for the internal technology.

  2. Protective Outer Ring: The hull is safeguarded by a robust inflatable PVC (optional: Hypalon) tube, similar to an RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat).

  3. Inspection Hatch: An oversized inspection hatch on the deck, sealed with four screws and a gasket, provides easy access for maintenance.

  4. On-Deck Components: The main switch and charging port are conveniently located on the hull.

  5. Dual Electric Motors: Two fixed electric motors at the rear of the Smartmark drive and maintain its precise position.


Internal Components:

  1. Black Box: This serves as the “brain” of the Smartmark, housing the GPS antenna, sensors, processing unit, and a mandatory data SIM card for communication.

  2. Power Box: All connections converge here, regulating power flow. It includes connections for batteries, the charging port, the main switch, the Black Box, and the motors.

  3. Battery Block: Located midship, it comprises either 3 or 4 cells, each with a capacity of 60Ah, for a total of either 180Ah or 240Ah. We rely on LiFePO4 batteries for reliable power.


To maximize visibility, an inflatable conical marker is attached to the hull. This can be custom-printed in all Pantone colors, providing an eye-catching advertising space for sponsors and partners.

Boat Marker Box:

This separate box, carried on the RC vessel, displays it’s position on the user interface and serves as the origin for the course geometry, ensuring the course always aligns perfectly with the race committee boat.

Important Note:

Smartmarks only move when the controller issues a specific command through the control interface. They will not automatically realign, even if, for instance, the starting vessel changes its position. The operator maintains full control at all times!


User Interface:

Access the control interface through any web browser. Log in with your credentials to access the interface. Depending on the number of Smartmarks, you’ll see them listed on the left side. Each buoy has its menu for individual control. On the right side, you can monitor and adjust the course, among other functions.

Set races courses remote by using smartmarks

A brief explanation of the image: Here, you can see the course geometry of a Windward-Leeward course and the associated Smartmarks. The gray cones represent the desired positions (target-position), while the orange cones depict the actual positions (real-position) of each Smartmark.

On the left side, you can observe that all Smartmarks except Smartmark No. 2 are marked in yellow, indicating that they are in operating mode. The green marking, as seen with Smartmark No. 2, indicates that this Smartmark has already reached its position and is autonomously maintaining it.

Buoys No. 6-8 are inactive and not needed. The background is black.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a video call to gain further insights.


The setup is entirely modular and takes only a few minutes. Refer to our time-lapse video for a demonstration, showcasing how the Smartmark can go from delivery to operational in under 15 minutes. Additionally, these steps do not need to be repeated each time; Smartmarks can be stored fully assembled. Storage recommendations can be found in our FAQs.


The Smartmark hull is designed to fit precisely on a Euro pallet. We offer an optional trolley that allows easy placement of the Smartmark onto the pallet. Axes and handle are removed with a single action. Please note that inflatable components should be removed, and the electronics (Power and Blackbox) either removed or adequately padded during transport, particularly the gyroscopes in the Blackbox.

Secure the Smartmark on the pallet. A palette frame protects the hull and enables stacking of up to 3 Smartmarks.

If you consider transporting Smartmarks by a shipping company, stacked pallets reduce transportation costs.