About us

We envision a world where the pursuit of water sports harmoniously coexists with the preservation of our precious marine ecosystems. 

We aspire to lead the way in revolutionizing water-based events, making them not only more efficient but also more environmentally responsible.

Mission Statement

As dedicated sailors and lovers of the sea, Smartmark’s mission is to provide innovative solutions that empower water organizations to embrace a greener, more efficient, and higher-quality approach to regattas and water-based events. We are committed to advancing the sustainability agenda through the integration of cutting-edge technology into the world of sailing.

Our pioneering Smartmarks employ industry-leading technology in self-positioning robotic sail marks. Eliminating the need for anchors, thanks to innovative GPS and sensor technology. With two electric motors, these buoys minimize disruption to the marine environment. Setting up and adjusting race courses is made efficient and swift, as it can be done at the push of a button using a tablet. Reducing the reliance on fuel-powered mark layer boats and volunteers. By doing so, we are dedicated to reducing air pollution, noise disturbances, and seabed damage, while also enhancing the precision and quality of water sport events.

Smartmark is committed to being at the forefront of technological innovation. Driving positive change in water sports, and contributing to the preservation of our oceans for generations to come.

Our Story

The idea for Smartmark honestly originated from a very personal drive. As avid sailors, we often experienced the frustration of dealing with changing winds during regattas and the significant time and effort required to adjust the course accordingly. At times, regattas had to be canceled due to unfavorable conditions.

The pivotal moment came when a camera drone hovered above us while we spent hours on the water, waiting for a race to commence. These small flying marvels can be remotely maneuvered to their precise positions and effortlessly maintain them with their propellers.

We were also familiar with the concept of Dynamic Positioning, a technology utilized by vessels such as drill ships for deep-sea operations, allowing them to maintain their position without relying on traditional anchors . This sparked the idea of applying this technology to sailing regattas to eliminate the frustrating wait times. And so, the concept of Smartmark was born.

The development journey was not without its challenges, but giving up was never an option. After nearly six years of development, numerous setbacks, and various prototypes, we were on the brink of a serial product in 2019.

In late 2020, Smartmark GmbH was founded in Hamburg.